Posted by: Nati | December 9, 2008

WMAC November Winner – Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery

Once again the very talented Karen Portaleo wins the WMAC monthly competition with one of her outstanding works of edible art.

Karen tells us that the winning cake was actually made for a television interview and then a crew party.

“Since then I have made a few versions for birthdays and a Fall themed party. I even did a special request version with frogs instead of mice!

The frog version had the best cake variety, I did a chocolate gingerbread cake for the big bottom layer, a pumpkin spice for the big pumpkin, and then the top pumpkin and squash were rice crispy treats.

All the pieces are hand done, and I pretty much use two tools; a small roller and a yellow plastic sculpting tool. I used small paint brushes and an airbrush, and vodka for thinning colors.

I used all fondant, but rolled in some tylose powder for the pieces i needed to dry faster. There is also a bit of royal icing here and there.”

Congratulations Karen,  you have a very special talent, and your work is simply out of this world!!! Thanks for sharing your work with us via Flickr.

Karen is the artist behind the beautiful creations at Highland Bakery. You can visit their website via the following link




  1. Wow, this is a truly amazing cake! I had not seen this on Flickr!

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