Posted by: Nati | November 29, 2008

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Bev (SugarBloomCupcakes)


#1 Where do your recipes come from? cookbooks or trial and error? and what is your favourite cake flavour?

A criminal chunk of trial + error, a dash of hope and a good slug of cookbook wisdom. Cocoa + crème de Menthe drool mmm.

#2 How long have you been making and decorating cakes and how did you first get interested in Cake Decorating?

I’ve been baking and decorating for 2 years now and I remember clear as day seeing Nigella Lawson on telly, she was making cupcakes. I heard angels and trumpets and beams of light appeared through my ceiling, which is kind of commonplace as I have a skylight. But I knew at that moment I was going to DO SOMETHING with little cakes, and I still am DOING SOMETHING with little cakes!

#3 Who is YOUR favorite cake designer?

Kylie Lambert. ~ LeCupcake

Her style reflects a cool, level precision that’s still really intuitive, emotive and unfussy.

To replicate any of her pieces EXACTLY ( and I have tried for interests sake) is an extremely exhaustive exercise, and I have found that one false move, a milimetre outand it can all look completely wrong as her arrangements are very complex and fragile in their elements.

#4 Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere, I’m always condsidering what would make a great design and love forcing myself to look at common things in different lights.

Books, memories, music and emotions play a crucial role in formulating an original design eg, “Lust Cupcake” and “La Vie en Roe” and the “Cupcake Tree at Night”are all very subjective and are example of ideas coming from feelings.

The “Vanilla Cafe Cupcakes”were inspired by some really great Jazz and the “Pink + Black Cupcakes” were designed in the style of some sexy lingerie I found in a bridal magazine!

#5 What would you have if you were making your own wedding cake?

Easy, my “Black White + Silver Cupcakes” which are Vanilla with Chocolate Mousseline Buttercream. They are little showstoppers.


#6 In a fire…. as you run out…. what cake tool/toy would you save?

Boring, but my Wilton rolling pin with spacer rings. Precision is very important to me and if the foundations of a cake are good, the rest will be a breeze.

#7 Do you have a cake/cupcake business or do you decorate cakes as a hobby? What did you/do you do for a crust in your life other than Cakes?

I run my own business.

My last occupcation was as a Beauty Therapist, I worked in a few salons around Perth and left to have my son Oliver a little over 4 years ago.

I hear the money is really good for strippers though…

#8 How many cakes a month do you make?

About 4 cutting cakes (6 inch-ish)and an average of 500 cupcakes.

#9 What was your first ever cake? tell us about it. (show pictures!!)

EW, classic vanilla buttercream in a “hang-over” shade of blue, on a Magnolia Bakerys recipe Vanilla Cupcake.

I was so proud………..WAS.


#10 Of all your cakes, which one is your own personal favourite?

I have lots of favies but my most favourite is the cake I made for my daughter Gracies 2nd birthday.“Blossom”

“Blossom”nearly killed me but I was determined that it was going to look FABULOUS, it turned out okay butI think it is the fact that I did it without any idea of what I was doing that gives me the strong attachment to that cake and the look of utter delight on Gracies face when she saw it, then she RIPPED it to pieces!!! ❤

teddybeargracie#11 What is your worst kitchen disaster/nightmare? Let’s hear all the gory details so we know we aren’t alone in our misery… 🙂

Its not that exciting, more stupid really!I was making champagne buttercream with real sparkling white wine and had the GENIUS to add it at the end of themeringue buttercream I was using. Think of slimey cottage cheese but smelling like booze and the colour of “Thousand Island Dressing”.Shudder.


#12 Have you ever dropped a cake or cupcakes?

Of course!I don’t want to say all the time but I am a huuuge CLUTZ.

If I do drop a cuppie there is always a n emergency standby to take its place.

If I drop a big cake, I’ll remake it as there usually aren’t many big ones on standby.

#13 Do you everstress so much that you make yourself literally sick?

No, not to that extent. I stress enough to keep my standards up and to push myself furtherbut never to my detriment, I love what I do too much.

#14 Name a cake you hope you are NEVER asked to make.

You name it and I’ll make it!! Well, I’ll give it a darn good try!

I’d really like to make huuuuge Penis cake one day, that would be just great!

#15 Do you lick the bowl clean?

No and the kids aren’t allowed to either, poor souls.

Baking for the family, we promise ourselves a beautiful cake each when all are baked and the dishes are done!

Baking for an order, we all HOPE that mummy gets the quantities wrong so we can all have a cupcake!

#16 Do you talk to your cakes when you decorate them? If yes…what do you say?

Quite often I pamper their egos and tell them how gorgeous and special they are, the tell me the same thing, we have an understanding.

#17 What’s the quickest cake you’ve ever made?

A super quick effort at baking basic vanilla cupcakes, taking them to my kids homeschoolers group and letting the kids decorate them!!! They LOVED that day!kidscupcakes

#18 Which cake took the longest? (pictures please!!)

The cake venture I orchestrated for my friend Alice’s Universtiy Fundaraising event.

There were 500 in total, 200 chocolate, 100 Vanilla 100 coffee and 100 Lemon. We got to eat the ones that we dropped, so we dropped a few(!)

It took 6 of us 2 days that includedmaking the decorations. We had an awesome system workd out,there were the dishwashers, oven minders, child minders, frosting pipers, coffee makers flower placers, fish’nchips getterers and brow wipers! It was the best fun and we had a truck loads of laughs! lotsacupcakes2lotsacupcakes1

#19 How do you like your eggs?

In my cakes! ( Lightlybeaten of course!)

#20 Are you a high or low ponytail girl?


#21 Do you enjoy sneezing?

Yes I do!

#22 Have you ever used foul language towards your cake?


#23What is your most common foul language used??

I don’t usually use foul language at my cakes butwhen I have, it’s lame and tame because of the kids and its usually “Ooooh you bugger!”

Ioften ask them rhetorical questionsand make statements like:

“Now, why did you go and do that?” and

“You do that and Mummy will be very, very cross!!”

“Oh, now look what you’ve done!!!??”

I suppose uncooperative cakes are a bit like cheeky children, (rolls eyes)

#24Have you ever thrown a cake out of the window? if so, why & when?

No but I have thrown one across the room, to my hubbys amazement.

Last year, I had spent AGES working on this design on paper, then applied it toa leftover trial cupcake. I eventually had it just right when but I was packing up, almost dropped a tub of lustre over the top of it, managed to save the lustrebut stuck two fingers into the top of the cake in the process!! *Grrrr

#25 Do you think making cakes topless is a bad idea?

I can see how this is a very pertinant question, however I tend not to get the “girls” out very often when I bake, but if I did, I would keep them WELL away from the whisk attachment on my mixer for fear of them ending up looking like a ball of tangled wool. ( And we all know how ling THEY take to untangle)

I suppose I could always throw them over my shoulders…….


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