Posted by: Nati | November 14, 2008

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Artisan Cakes by e.t.

#1 Where do your recipes come from? cookbooks or trial and error? and what is your favourite cake flavour?
Actually, i don’t do any baking at all when i’m working! At the cake shop i work at, there’s a large team of us and each of us has their own tasks. I’m in charge of the cake decorating team and so we decorate the cakes that have been baked by my colleague the Pastry Chef and her team. As for the recipes, they’re my bosses family heirloom recipes and also tweaked recipes from cookbooks. When i’m doing my own baking though, i like to try recipes from my collection of baking books and the many food magazines i buy. My favourite cake flavour is dark chocolate with caramel.

#2 How long have you been making and decorating cakes and how did you first get interested in Cake Decorating?
I first got interested in cake decorating when i was still studying in culinary school. One of the subjects i took was Culinary Art and Design. I learned fruit and vegetable carving, ice carving and WEDDING CAKES! I guess my passion for cakes grew from there because i started buying books on sugar flowers and wedding cakes which taught me a lot and further inspired me. My first job (which is also my current one) finally gave me the chance to put my knowledge into practice. After working for 3 years decorating cakes, i still find my job fun and exciting as clients are forever bringing me new challenges and surprises.

#3 Who is YOUR favorite cake designer?
Debbie from debbiedoescakes. She’s an absolute genius and i hope to be able to make cakes like those someday. I know this is not part of the question but i still wanna say that my favourite pastry chef is Pierre Herme. I LOVE his creations and he inspires me to challenge myself when it comes to the art of patisserie.

#4 Where do you find your inspiration?
Books, magazines and here on flickr.

#5 What would you have if you were making your own wedding cake?
Hmm… Flavourwise i’d go with a dark chocolate cake with a salted caramel ganache. As for the design, something that represents me and my partner, so probably something unique and outrageous but tempered by good taste and clean lines.

#6 In a fire…. as you run out…. what cake tool/toy would you save?
My box of piping nozzles.

#7 Do you have a cake/cupcake business or do you decorate cakes as a hobby? What did you/do you do for a crust in your life other than Cakes?
I work as a cake designer at a cake shop.

#8 How many cakes a month do you make?
Well, if we’re talking about novelty cakes, then probably an average of 30 to 40 a month.

#9 What was your first ever cake? tell us about it. (show pictures!!)
Gosh… Honestly, i can’t remember anymore. There have been just too many cakes. Here’s a picture of one of my earliest cakes though.

#10 Of all your cakes, which one is your own personal favourite?
I have SO many favourites, but i’m torn between the barbie doll in the dazzling blue dress

and the wedding cake with bows

as my personal favourite. The reason being i personally prefer cakes that are simple, clean and elegant. I’m not a fan of clutter on cakes.

#11 What is your worst kitchen disaster/nightmare? Let’s hear all the gory details so we know we aren’t alone in our misery… 🙂
Dropping a perfectly finished novelty cake and then having to make it again but this time with a 1 hour time limit as the client was on their way. Thankfully we had an extra cake i could ice. It was an absolute nightmare.

#12 Have you ever dropped a cake or cupcakes?
Yes. See above.

#13 Do you ever stress so much that you make yourself literally sick?
Yes. But mostly i think it’s happened because of overworking myself, not from the actual stress.

#14 Name a cake you hope you are NEVER asked to make.
I rise to ANY challenge! There isn’t any cake i won’t try to make.

#15 Do you lick the bowl clean?
No, but i taste the frosting a lot. LOL!

#16 Do you talk to your cakes when you decorate them? If yes…what do you say?
No… My colleagues would send me to the nuthouse.

#17 What’s the quickest cake you’ve ever made?
Well i can decorate a simple buttercream cartoon character cake in under half an hour so i guess that’s it.

#18 Which cake took the longest? (pictures please!!)
Hmm… That’s a pretty hard question to answer as i usually stretch the work out over a few days especially when it comes to sugar flowers or figurines. Considering i’m working on quite a few projects at once i can’t exactly time myself when it comes to certain cakes. I can say however that the traditional indonesian bride and groom figurines took the longest time to make as there were many many tiny details.


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