Posted by: Nati | November 4, 2008

WMAC October Winner – Highland Bakery’s Karen Portaleo

Congratulations to Karen Portaleo who won the World’s Most Amazing Cake comp in October, with her wonderful Frida Kahlo inspired cake. Karen is a self taught artist who has a background in clay sculpture.

She is the artist behind the beautiful creations at Highland Bakery which is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The cake, was made for a gallery show, which was put on for what would have been Frida Kahlo’s 100th birthday. The artists all showed work influenced by Kahlo. “During the show, everyone gathered around and we cut in to the cake, and in the end there was not so much as a sugar skull left! The cake inside was a yellow cake, to which we added corn masa, a traditional Mexican ingredient. Then between the layers there was chocolate ganache, with cinnamon and cayenne.” says Karen.

You can checkout Karen’s wonderful work on her flickr account

and checkout the delicious treats and fantastic work that Highland Bakery does

Highland Bakery's Winning Cake

Highland Bakery


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