Posted by: Nati | October 22, 2008

WMAC September Winner – Sarah Jones

Congratulations to Sarah Jones for winning the “World’s Most Amazing Cake for September 08”. Sarah tells us that the cake was based on some little models that the customer had.

The cake was a vanilla madeira cake with home made raspberry jam, crumb coated with vanilla buttercream. The decorations were all hand modelled and the cake was shaded with an airbrush. The little mushroom cottage was made with pastillage and put together with royal icing. “This was one of my favourite cakes to make.” Sarah says.

Sarah is an extremely talented cake artist based in the UK. Her business “The Little Bakehouse” specialises in making amazing centrepiece cakes for all occasions.

Like many of us, Sarah got started in cake decorating by making cakes for family. The firsts were for her childrens birthdays and she found that to be really enjoyable and that she had a knack for it. She loves experimenting and finding new ways of decorating. She is fully self taught, never having taken any classes.  Sarah says “I just do what feels right. (Although there have been a few failed experiments:0)) ”

Checkout the wonderful work on her website

This is the winning cake

Winning Cake for September 08

Winning Cake for September 08

You can also checkout Sarah’s great work on flickr



  1. Well Done Sarah!!!

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