Posted by: Nati | October 22, 2008

Member Spotlight – 4GoodnessCake

  1. Where do your recipes come from? cookbooks or trial and error?
    Cookbooks and LOADS from searching the internet. I love website that have reviews so you can see what people like or disliked about a recipe and if they did anything different to improve it.
  2. What is your favourite cake out of all of your cakes? (pictures please!!!)
    My niece’s 1st birthday cake

  3. How long have you been doing cakes?
    Just over 2 years now
  4. how many cakes a month do you make?
    On average 1-2
  5. who is YOUR favorite cake designer?
    Lorraine (Aine2)
  6. In a fire…. as you run out…. what cake tool/toy would you save???
  7. Name a cake you hope you are NEVER asked to make.
    Anything 3d that needs to look realistic!
  8. What is your worst kitchen disaster/nightmare? Let’s hear all the gory details so we know we aren’t alone in our misery… 🙂
    Just this week I had a blow-out in the fondant on my Hiking cake. Luckily it was supposed to look like a rock face and I could repair it without anyone knowing…. I felt sick until it reached the venue in one piece though!
  9. What would you have if you were making your own wedding cake?
    I have recently discovered Polka Dot Cookies & Cakes. I just love their soft romantic style…. although I would be tempted to have a cupcake tower as I love getting a little cake all of my own!
  10. How &/or why did you start cake decorating/cake/cupcake business?
    don’t have a business as y family & friends keep my rather busy!
  11. What was your first ever cake? tell us about it.
    It was two years ago for my Daughter’s 12th birthday. It was the Wilton dog pan (star piping) I knew nothing… Someone told me to add ganache to my buttercream and it was so stiff I nearly broke my wrist piping that thing!!
  12. How did you first get interested in Cake Decorating?
    I have always been a baker and wanted to make birthday cakes for my children.
  13. Where do you find your inspiration?
    Flickr, books, Internet…. for me the best part about making a cake is designing it for the person, coming up with little details that will be instantly recognised by them.
  14. How do you like your eggs?
  15. What is 47767590 x 3543 (no calculators or pens!!!)
    This is a Bev question right?
  16. Are you a high or low ponytail girl?
    Bit of both… depends on what mood I am in
  17. What did you do for a crust in your life before Cakes?
    Human Resources
  18. Do you enjoy sneezing?
  19. What is your favourite cake decorating tool?
    Sugar shaper/sugargun
  20. What’s the quickest cake you’ve ever made?
    Kit Kat Cake (chocolate cake surrounded in kit kats)
  21. Which cake took the longest?
    My Mum’s Rose cake, the roses seemed to take forever!
  22. Do you lick the bowl clean?
    No but my children always ask to!
  23. Have you ever dropped a cake or cupcakes?
    No… not yet
  24. Have you ever used fowl language towards your cake?
    Every cake I have ever made!
  25. What is your most common foul language used??
    I couldn’t possibly publish it… but it’s BAD
  26. Do you ever stress so much that you make yourself literally sick?
    Ummm like ever cake… I am the cake stress queen!
  27. Do you talk to your cakes when you decorate them……….or is that just me?
    Yes I do!
  28. Have you ever thrown a cake out of the window? if so, why & when?
    I’ve come close but no
  29. Do you think making cakes topless is a bad idea?
    After three children… it would be a horrific idea!

Checkout Kathryn’s beautiful creations on Flickr


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