Posted by: Nati | October 17, 2008

World’s Most Amazing Cakes – Welcome

Welcome to the blog for World’s Most Amazing Cakes.

World’s Most Amazing Cakes is a flickr group dedicated to finding the most amazing cakes every month.

Each month we run a competition for the World’s Most Amazing Cake of the month. The winner each month will go in with all the other monthly winners into a World’s Most Amazing Cake of the year competition.


  1. A maximum of 20 cakes can be nominated for any given month – makes it easier to vote, than if we have an unlimited number of cakes.
  2. Each member can only nominate one cake – because we’re only going to have 20 cakes per month, this just means more members get a chance to nominate cakes.
  3. The first two weeks of each month will be dedicated to nominating cakes.
  4. One of the mods/admins will start a thread for you to add cakes to.
  5. Once we have 20 cakes to vote on, the thread will be closed and voting will begin.
  6. Members can nominate any cake, not their own cake, as WMAC for that month.
  7. The nominated cake must have been uploaded/made that month or the previous month. (for example, in October, you can nominate cakes that were uploaded in September and October only)
  8. Previously nominated cakes will not be allowed to be nominated again. For example, any cake nominated in September, cannot be re-nominated in October.
  9. Once nominations are closed, voting will take place for the next two weeks, and at the end of the month a winner will be announced.
  10. The winning cake will become the group icon for the following month.
  11. Cakes decorated with non edible items are not allowed to be nominated.
  12. The winning cake for the year, will be displayed on the group page and blog for the rest of the following year.

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